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Our Services

Individual Creative Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy which is similar to counselling but uses the creative process as a guide. Tailored to each individual, the invitation is to explore the creative process and gain insight. The client may connect with themselves in new ways and find empowerment to be in whatever experience comes up. Individual creative arts therapy sessions last one hour on a weekly basis for an agreed period of time. Phoenix PCPC recommends a minimum of 12 sessions for an effective therapeutic intervention.


The Songbirds programme is a music-based mother and child group project for mothers and their pre-school children in crèche settings that aims to promote mother-child relationships and group social skills.

The programme promotes positive individual mother and child relationships and also enhances the development of each individual child. Songbirds groups promote children’s social skills through such activities as sharing, turn taking and talking or singing in the group. Songbirds groups also promote greater social cohesion amongst the mothers who share their parenting experiences through modelling and observing other positive mother-child interactions.

Aims of the Songbirds Programme:

The aim of the Songbirds Programme is to enhance parent-child relationships and help in children’s emotional development.

The Objectives are:

  • promote greater closer parent and child attachment

  • parenting experiences an enjoyable group experience through music and play

  • child interactions promote children’s development in areas such as language, social skills and turn taking

  • To promote closer community cohesion through encouraging positive group interaction


The desired outcomes of the programme are directly linked to realising the above objectives.

Programme Structure

Songbirds usually takes place in pre-schools and community creches.

Songbirds groups are made up of up to 6 parent and child couples (12 adults and 12 children in total), who attend an introductory week followed by 6 weekly group sessions.

Depending on the demand, more than one group is formed.

Each group session is held at the same time and the same day of the week and runs consecutively over the course of seven weeks.

Each group session includes:

  • set up

  • 45 minutes of musical activities

  • closure


Programme Facilitators:

The Songbirds groups are facilitated by a qualified and experienced Music Therapist, who will be accompanied by a qualified music or play Therapist.

Workshops, Training and Therapeutic Supervision for professionals and community workers involved with marginalised children and families.

Creative Art Therapy Workshops

(For adults and carers working with children)

The aim of the workshops is to provide the participants with insights into furthering positive interaction with children through creative arts, music and play.

The workshops will be up to 2 hours long and will provide theoretical and practical experiences of creative arts and play interventions that aim to enhance participants future practice in the area of childcare.


More specific training workshops will be provided for creative arts therapists and related psychotherapeutic professionals. Training workshops may take place over a weekend or a number of weekends and will be structured to provide theoretical, practical and experiential aspects of working with children through creative arts and play.


PCPC has three qualified supervisors, each with many years of experience in supervising individuals and groups. Both individual and group supervision are offered to other organisation working with children and families in Limerick and surrounding.



Clinical Supervision:

Phoenix PCPC has a number of trained therapy supervisors available for clinical supervision for therapists, counsellors, childcare professionals, educators and anyone working with children or anyone in the healthcare or caring professions. The clinical external supervisor typically consists of a one-hour session per month. This can be facilitated as an individual session or as a group session. Phoenix PCPC supervisors are fully qualified and insured as clinical supervisors. 

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